Medjugorje Pilgrimages hosted by Visionary Mirjana

All pilgrimages are hosted by visionary, Mirjana Soldo and her husband, Marko. Miki Musa will be our guide while in Medjugorje.

Pilgrimage Dates Price
Apr 24, 2023 May 3, 2023 $1,699 plus airfare
Sep 5, 2023 Sep 15, 2023 $1,799 plus airfare

Our pilgrimage prices are all inclusive: transfers, tips, and airport taxes are all included. Travel insurance is not included but is available for purchase.

Your Medjugorje trip includes:

  • Round trip flight from your departure city.
  • Typically 8 nights in Medjugorje. Some pilgrimages are longer due to scheduled events.
  • Double and triple occupancy rooms with twin beds and private baths.
  • Single occupancy rooms available at additional cost, if requested with sufficient notice in advance.
  • Two home-cooked and bountiful meals daily.
  • Holy Mass daily - English.
  • Evening Services at St. James.
  • Eucharistic Adoration at St. James.
  • Opportunity to be present for Mirjana's apparition.
  • Scheduled talk with the visionary, Mirjana.
  • Climb Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain.
  • Visit Cenacolo community.
  • Attend talks by other visionaries and St. James parish priests (when available).
  • Visit Mother's Village.
  • Local guide - Miki Musa.
  • Group photo available for purchase.
  • DVD of your Medjugorje experience available for purchase.
  • Airport taxes, transfers and tips.

The first priest to submit his registration for each pilgrimage travels FREE.

Check In with the Magnificat Guide at the Gate

When you arrive at the airport in Washington, Chicago, or Newark,
Check In with the Magnificat guide at the gate before boarding the plane to Europe. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

First Things, First


We check your tickets, but it’s very wise for you to check them also.

  1. Make sure your first, middle and last names match your passport.
  2. Check the dates, times and departure/return U.S. city for accuracy.
  3. Make a copy of your itinerary with flight information and leave it with your emergency contact(s) at home.
  4. Give your emergency contact the Magnificat Tours phone number (480-695-2597). If anyone at home needs to reach you in case of an emergency, they can get a message to you by calling this number.

Passports / Visas


  1. U.S. citizens need a valid U.S. passport that is valid for 6 months after your planned return date to the United States. If your passport will expire within 6 months of your return, obtain a new passport immediately.
  2. U.S. citizens do not require a visa.
  3. No shots or immunizations are required to travel to Medjugorje.
  4. If you are not a U.S. citizen, contact us at least 120 days prior to your departure date, so that we can work with you to help you obtain the necessary visas, vouchers and interviews with the Bosnian consulate.


  1. You will need your passport when you check-in at your home airport and at entry points into each country.
  2. Carry your passport on your person at all times during the entire trip.
  3. Make several copies of your passport and keep one in each of your checked and carry-on bags.
  4. If you’re traveling with a companion, it’s a good idea to carry copies of each other’s passports.
  5. Leave a copy of your passport at home with your emergency contact.

Packing / Luggage / Checking Your Bags

Pack lightly! We highly recommend that you:

  1. Pack ONLY one CARRY-ON bag with a change of clothing, undergarments, toiletries and medicines that you will keep with you at all times. This becomes very important in the event that your checked baggage is lost or temporarily delayed. Keep this carry-on bag small to avoid issues with the airline allowing you to carry it on some of the smaller airplanes. YOUR CARRY-ON BAG CANNOT EXCEED 18 LBS.
  2. CHECK ONLY one other bag with the remainder of your belongings. To avoid additional charges, we highly recommend that you travel with ONLY ONE CHECKED bag. To avoid additional charges, keep your checked bag under 50 lbs. Even if United Airlines allows you to leave the U.S. with two checked bags, YOU WILL BE CHARGED for the second bag by the Airline when you depart from Bosnia-Herz. for the U.S. YOUR CHECKED BAG CANNOT EXCEED 50 LBS.
  3. Remember that you will be responsible for carrying your own bags…; so pack lightly. Due to space limitations on the motorcoach and in the rooms in Medjugorje, you will be thankful that you packed lightly.
  4. You will be provided two luggage tags for easier identification of your bags. It’s not a bad idea to put other identifying marks on your personal luggage… many people tie brightly colored ribbons to their handles.
  5. A small backpack is also recommended and is much more practical than a purse. It will come in handy when you climb Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, when attending the Apparition of Our Lady, when traveling by plane and motorcoach and when walking around in Medjugorje.

Check your bags through to your final destination

When you check-in at your originating U.S. airport, check your bags all the way through to your final destination.


Euros are the currency accepted throughout Europe. While you can use American dollars in Medjugorje, they much prefer the Euros. The airports in Europe will only accept Euros or credit cards.

AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, contact your local bank to buy Euros. Allow at least a week because most branch banks do not keep Euros on hand and it will take them a few days to obtain them from their central bank.

It's a good idea to travel with smaller currency amounts. Sometimes it's difficult for the stores, restaurants and taxis to make change for large bills. We recommend nothing larger than 20 Euro or $20 bills. Some of the shops have difficulty giving change in U.S dollars.

We highly recommend that you contact your credit card company and your bank before your departure to let them know that you will be out of the country and that you may exceed your normal spending patterns.

Keep it on you at all times

Keep your passport, airline tickets and money on you at all times!


Dress should be comfortable but appropriate for the many sacred places we will be visiting. Dress up clothing is not needed. Ideally, men and women should wear long pants. Women may prefer to wear skirts or dresses, but it’s not necessary. Jeans, slacks and nice jogging pants are acceptable. Tops should have sleeves and should not be revealing. If you’re not sure that what you want to wear is appropriate, err on the side of safety and wear something else.

The weather can be unpredictable. Dressing in layers is suggested. Typically, a short sleeved shirt or blouse is adequate during the day. But you should have long sleeved shirts and a jacket/coat for cooler days and evenings or for climbing the mountains. If you tend to get cold easily, you may want to take a lightweight scarf and gloves. If you are traveling during the winter months, you will want to bring appropriate outer clothing.

Tennis shoes or walking shoes are a must. Break them in well in advance of the trip. You may want to take an inexpensive pair of flip flops for walking around your room or for use in the showers.

Medjugorje Weather

The temperatures below are averages. Lows and highs can both be exceeded. We recommend dressing in layers to be prepared for weather fluctuations.


What to Bring

  • Clothing
  • Shoes (walking or athletic)
  • Socks
  • Jacket/coat – for cooler or rainy days
  • Toiletries including shampoo, soap, washcloths
    (Do not assume that any personal items will be provided by your host home in Medjugorje)
  • Hairdryer
  • Camera with extra film, memory cards, batteries
  • Adapter AND converter for hairdryers, electric razors, cameras
  • Alarm clock
  • Umbrella
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick)
  • Flashlight
  • Journal and pen
  • Rosary, prayer books, Bible
  • Extra Ziploc bags come in very handy
  • Backpack and/or Fanny pack
  • Passport wallet – type that hangs around your neck under your clothing, or
  • Money belt – type that is worn under your clothing


  • Light scarf and gloves (optional)
  • Neck pillow for flight and long bus rides
  • Snacks (breakfast bars, jerky, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, candy)
  • Non-dairy creamer, sweetener for coffee (typically, the homes in Medjugorje only provide milk and sugar)
  • If you plan on using your cell phone while abroad, check with your phone provider to see if you need a SIM card or you may need to purchase a disposable phone that can be used in Europe.


Domestic flights typically do not serve meals. So make your own arrangements as you travel in the U.S.

The Airlines provide nice meals on the flight to Europe. Typically dinner is served shortly after we leave the U.S. and breakfast is served before we arrive in Europe.

There are restaurants in the European airport where you can treat yourself to something while we are laid over but the restaurants only accept Euros or credit cards. Just remember that our next meal will not be until we arrive in Medjugorje so, don’t get on the flight to Sarajevo or Dubrovnik with an empty stomach.

Typically, we make one stop during the three hour drive from Sarajevo, Split or Dubrovnik to Medjugorje to use the facilities and to grab a drink.

When we arrive in Medjugorje, typically about 6:00 pm, your host family will have a family style dinner waiting for you.

Each day, breakfast and a late lunch will be provided by your host family in Medjugorje. Lunch is usually early afternoon and is a big meal. There are small grocery markets and many restaurants in Medjugorje if you want to eat a 3rd meal each day.

What to Expect in Medjugorje

Hill of Apparitions

Remember you are on pilgrimage and you are in a foreign country. Please do not expect all the amenities that you are accustomed to at home. Accept the differences in a spirit of humility and remember that you are a visitor and that this is their home and this is how they live everyday. You may not always have hot water, your bed will be simple, you will be provided one towel for the week, and the electricity may malfunction. Be gracious and offer any suffering to our Lord and know that we will never be asked to suffer as He suffered for us.

We will be traveling as a large group. Please practice common courtesy and respect for your host family and fellow pilgrims. Be on time for meals, tours and departures. We will not hold a bus or delay any tours, so please plan accordingly and always be on time. If you miss a bus, you will be responsible for securing and paying for your own transportation.

Meals are served family style. There are no menus. The food is very good and there’s lots of it. Typically salad, soup, meat, vegetable, potato or rice and fruit or dessert are served at dinner. European breakfasts are different and many times include bread, butter, jams, cheeses and lunchmeats. Typically, only instant coffee is available. You can take your own coffee and coffee press if you want brewed coffee. If you use Sweet’n’Low or Equal or Stevia or a favorite non-dairy creamer, bring your own.

St. James Church in Medjugorje

Tap water is safe to drink. Be on time for meals served by the host family. If you miss a meal or are late, you will need to purchase your own meal in town. If you are going to be absent for breakfast or dinner, let your host family know ahead of time so that they can adjust their meal-planning and not waste food.

We do not know what our schedule will be in Medjugorje until we arrive, and then, we will only know the schedule for the next day. The tour guides, visionaries and priests are very good at scheduling all the events and Masses to accommodate all the pilgrims that arrive from many different lands, speaking many different languages all with very short notice of who, how many and what language will be present in Medjugorje on any given day.

Miki Musa will be our guide. He will arrange for us to be present for the Apparition and to have a private talk with Mirjana. We will climb Apparition Hill as a group with Miki. If weather permits, we will climb Cross Mountain as a group. Holy Mass will be celebrated in English every day. Miki will also let us know what the program is for each evening at St. James’ church.

You do not have to do everything the group does while in Medjugorje. This is your personal pilgrimage and if you need to seek quiet and alone time, by all means, do so. Ask your Magnificat escort about the Adoration chapel and other quiet spots that you can seek out on your own.

We typically have at least one priest traveling with us. We ask the priest to celebrate Mass in the chapel at the Vienna airport during our layover. When you disembark from the plane in Europe, please wait for the Magnificat escort at your gate. We will go straight from the gate to the chapel for Holy Mass.

We also ask the priest to be available for any of our pilgrims that wish to take advantage of the grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation while in Medjugorje. Other than that, we ask that you respect the priest’s privacy and allow him to enjoy his own pilgrimage. He is one of the Shepherd’s that Our Lady asks us to pray for so, please include him in your prayers and allow Our Lady and her Son to minister to him while he is in Medjugorje. Let the priest initiate any planning re: spending free time with him.

Additional Expenses in Medjugorje

If the weather cooperates, you can walk through the fields between your host home and St. James. If you prefer, taxis are available and cost $8 each way. Typically, you can find another pilgrim or two to share the ride with you and split the cost. Plan on making at least 2 trips between the host home and St. James each day. One for morning Mass and one for the evening program.

There will be a DVD video and a group photo available for purchase. The video typically costs $30 and the group photo is $8. Breakfast and dinner are provided by your host family, but you are responsible for any additional meals or snacks you might want.

Tips for the host family and the guide are included in the cost of the trip to Medjugorje. Obviously, if you want to contribute an additional amount, it is very much appreciated by the families. You may also want to contribute to St. James at the collections at Holy Mass. This is purely voluntary.

And obviously, you should budget for any religious items that you want to purchase and have blessed while you are in Medjugorje. You will want to purchase your religious items before the Apparition because Our Lady will provide her motherly blessing of all pilgrims and religious articles during the Apparition. We will also ask our priest to bless all of us and our religious articles on the motorcoach as we depart from Medjugorje.

Pilgrimage Prices are All Inclusive

Our pilgrimage prices are all inclusive: transfers, tips, and airport taxes are all included.

Travel insurance is not included but is available for purchase from Travel Guard.

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